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These include oceanariums that work to protect marine life and an underwater attraction.

Are the largest aquariums in the world!

The Aquarium of Western Australia holds an incredible 1.06 million gallons.

Attraction in Perth It is located on the stunning Hillarys Boat Harbor and offers spectacular views.

Views of the Indian Ocean. The aquatic museum was opened in April 1988 under the name “Underwater”.

World” Three years later, Morris Kahn took over and Coral World International became the owner.

In 2001, the name was changed to AQWA – abbreviation for Aquarium of Western Australia.

AQWA had originally only two aquariums: the Touch Pool, and a walkthrough called Shipwreck.

Coast. AQWA now has more than forty exhibits The aquarium was the tenth largest in the world in 2012.

largest. These exhibits host over four hundred aquatic species.

They’re constantly changing it up to keep visitors coming back. From vibrant coral reefs

There’s something for everyone, from dazzling jellyfish to terrifying sharks.

There’s more to discover. Plus, AQWA’s convenient location on the oceanside allows them

To offer glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling, whale watching, diving and many other activities!

In 1992, the Aquarium of Genoa opened in Italy. It was originally a part of The Aquarium of Genoa.

Genoa Expo ’92. It was established to commemorate the fifth hundredth anniversary.

Christopher Columbus’ discovery and exploration of the new world. This was evident in the first

These exhibits were created to show the perspective of Columbus’ encounter in 1492.

and the “ecological awareness in 1992.” The building was designed to look like.

A ship is getting ready to embark on a journey by Renzo Piano (a decorated Genoese architect).

A three-hundred-thirty-foot ship was added to the Aquarium of Genoa in 1998, expanding

The original concept. Today, the attraction holds approximately 1.6 million gallons total water.

It is home to the largest collection of aquatic species in Europe. The Aquarium of Genoa also offers

The Biosphere is more than just ocean life. It’s a beautiful structural addition that showcases the beauty of nature.

Many species of tropical plants and vegetation are currently endangered by exploitation.

The tropical forests. The Galata Museum is also available as part of

The aquarium experience

The aquarium in Shanghai, China has a staggering 1.3 million gallons water.

Its many tanks and exhibits. It is not the largest city in the world but it has many tanks and exhibits.

Ocean Aquarium has the longest underwater viewing tunnel anywhere on Earth. It spans a total of 1.2 miles.

One hundred seventy-five yards. The attraction’s exterior is also unique. Two

Pyramidal buildings are more than two hundred sixty thousand square feet in area and cover more

More than 15 000 aquatic animals from more than four hundred fifty species. Some of the

Aquarium animals include sand Tiger sharks, spotted tiger sharks and weedy sea Dragons.

Chinese sturgeons and seals. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium’s primary building is

Divided into different exhibitions: China Zone, Cold Water Zone and Deep Ocean

Zone, Sea and Shore exhibit. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium’s “around-the-world” exhibit

Tour allows you to view all these exhibits, which include animals and plants from all over the world.

The four corners of the Earth

This aquarium is located in Monterey in California. It opened its doors in October 1984.

The largest American city at that time. Monterey has 2.3 million gallons total water.

Bay Aquarium is still a popular attraction. It was listed by the Association in 2009.

Zoos and Aquariums are considered “leaders” due to their entertainment value and collaborations.

Educational programs. Monterey Bay Aquarium’s original purpose and concept was to

Share central California’s marine habitats and marine life with visitors from around the globe.

The aquarium currently houses around 35.000 animals from over 30 countries.

Five hundred fifty species. The Kelp Forest is one of the most prominent exhibitions. It vertically displays five hundred fifty species.

It spans three stories, and is considered the first successful kelp forest to be maintained in.

a manmade setting.

The Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa is another outstanding aquarium. It was

Originally built to attract tourists back to the park, after declining tourism. Okinawa

Churaumi Aquarium was designed by Yukifusa Kuba and holds 2.62 Million gallons of water.

its numerous tanks. As a mixture of Japanese and Japanese, the name Churaumi was chosen.

Words for “beautiful”, and “ocean”. It has four floors and houses above.

Twenty-six thousand animals were taken from around seven hundred forty species. The primary tank is named

The Kuroshio Sea is one hundred fifteen foot long, ninety-nine foot wide, and thirty-three feet deep.

It is nearly 1.99 million gallons deep and measures approximately two feet in depth. Two feet is the length of the acrylic glass panel.

The aquarium was the first to open in 2007. It is the longest manta in the world. A manta was introduced in 2007.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium was the first to hold a ray. Since then, there have been

There were four more manta-ray births at aquarium. The record is also held by Okinawa

The longest-living whale shark, which lived in captivity for over 18 years in 2017, was the one that is currently in the wild.

The saltwater exhibits are filled with saltwater from approximately one thousand one hundred fifty

Ensures that ocean life can thrive at all times.

uShaka Marine World was established in April 2004 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Africa. Creative Kingdom Inc. designed the park.

The Themed Entertainment awarded a “Outstanding Achievement In Thematic Creative Design” award.

Association. Designed to be submerged around five shipwrecks and a remarkable 4.6

Millions of gallons of water and the above-ground entrance to the “Phantom Ship”, which attracts visitors, provide water for millions

to enter. After they enter uShaka, they are greeted by a variety of restaurants.

Open water views and a shark aquarium. You will also find a variety of shark species in the aquarium.

This includes hammerheads and spinner sharks as well as ragged-tooth sharks. uShaka even owns its own aquarium

A beach that is directly connected to the park. There’s also a pier that leads into the ocean and a “Village”.

“Walk” to cafes, shops, restaurants, and more. uShaka recently opened a new adventure

As a thrill addition to their many attractions, they have named the park “Chimp & Zee”.

Visitors can attempt Africa’s longest continuous fall!

Chicago’s attraction is a landmark that has been in existence since May 1930. It also features one hundred thirty-two tanks

It was, at first glance, the largest of its type for a long period. Shedd has approximately five million

Total water consumption: 3.4 gallons It was also the first indoor aquarium to produce permanent saltwater.

exhibitions. It has been strong since Shedd’s opening. It continues to thrive

Attractions include Waters of the World and Amazon Rising.

Moscow is home to this large-scale aquarium that holds 6.6 million gallons. The ultimate goal of

This was done to recreate the natural aquatic habitats of the world. With

The Moscow Oceanarium has a wide range of underwater species and artificially-created currents.

It is a great place to find an educational escape in the middle of bustling cities.

Bernard Marcus, a billionaire businessman, visited more than fifty aquariums in 13 different countries.

Before donating two hundred fifty millions dollars, countries donated $275 million to help start the construction

His dream aquarium in Georgia. Additional forty million dollars were donated by corporate donors

Georgia Aquarium was opened in November 2005 without any debt. Ten million gallons

Water, this magnificent attraction is home to beluga whales and whale sharks.

fish and piranhas. Georgia Aquarium is one of four aquariums that have a display.

a manta ray. Bernard Marcus stated that conservation of species is important for the protection of the environment.

It is as important for the aquarium’s appeal to visitors as it is to them. They have been doing this for over a decade.

Georgia State University, an Athens-based University of Georgia and Georgia Tech are among the partners.

Help endangered animals live by funding education and research programs. This program has been in place since before the aquarium was built.


The Oceanographic is another impressive attraction in Valencia.

Spain. This aquarium is located in the City of Arts and Sciences cultural centre.

It holds eleven million gallons water. It is Europe’s largest water tank.

It covers 1.2 million square footage. The Oceanographic also houses forty-five

Five hundred species of creatures – that’s a lot more than subaquatic critters.

The attraction houses reptiles and mammals as well as birds, reptiles and mammals.

Penguins and other penguins. The Oceanographic can be divided into ten sections, each offering educational exhibits

For tropical, polar and Arctic species, marshland species, and many other species.

This park, which spans 20 acres, is part of Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa.

Two main attractions are Adventure Cove Waterpark, and the S.E.A. Aquarium. Aquarium.

This aquarium holds approximately twelve million gallons total water. Standing for South East

Asia, the S.E.A. Aquarium was the largest aquarium in the world, until the number one.

it. More than a hundred thousand animals are on display from eight hundred.

species. S.E.A. There are ten zones that contain 39 exhibitions. The main attraction is

its Open Ocean tank, which sports a one-hundred-eighteen-foot-wide viewing panel. The aquarium is also conservation-friendly.

In addition to the creatures in its tanks, they can also be grouped together. Guardians of the Earth are also known as

S.E.A.A.A. conducts research and educational projects to support conservation

Various marine species and habitats.

The largest theme park in the world is located in Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China.

Oceanarium with just 12.9 million gallons From educational events to amusement rides

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a popular theme park with amazing exhibits.

The Earth. The park includes eight themed sections, including Ocean Avenue and Dolphin Cove.

Amazing Amazon, Polar Horizons, Hero Island, Mount Walrus and Hengqin Oceans, as well as Entertainments.

You can find everything from a dolphin habitat to a Parrot Coaster or a submarine ride, all within the exhibits.

They are called “Deep Sea Odyssey”. Their other rides include bumper cars Bumper Smash.

The Polar Explorer water coaster and the Penguin and Jungle coasters as well as the Tower of Sea coaster are all available.

Monsters. The park also has many other animal exhibits like the Otter’s.

Den, Penguin World, Sea Lion Theater, and the Journey of Lights complete it.

nighttime parade. The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was established in 2014, and has since added a breeding centre.

This park is home to nine killer whales and has been designated as a sanctuary for them in 2017. The park is home to five of the enormous creatures.

Guinness World Records: Largest acrylic viewing panel and largest subaquatic

The largest aquarium and viewing dome.

Which one of these amazing aquariums would you love to see and why? Tell us about it!

Please comment below and, as always, thank you for reading!

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