The Village Center at Renwick in Bloomington
pedestrian-oriented neighborhood services
and multifamily residential

The Village Center at Renwick features neighborhood shops surrounded by Brrenwick village center, bloomington indianaownstones and Mansion Homes.

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Easily accessed by foot, bike, or car from anywhere in the neighborhood, the Village Center will feature personal and business services such as cafés, restaurants, drycleaning, bookstores, doctors’ or dentists’ offices, banking, and other day-to-day services in a pedestrian-friendly setting.

Village Center at RenwickArchitectural guidelines ensure that the Village Center at Renwick is delightful to stroll through. We've even planned building placement to maximize the amount of outdoor seating receiving direct sunlight. In addition, the tastefully designed amenities like park benches throughout the Village Center will encourage leisurely chats with neighbors or the enjoyment of the day’s paper over a cup of coffee.

Residential options in the Village Center includes Brownstones, Mansion Homes, and apartments placed above retail spaces. For those desiring an automobile-free lifestyle, the Village Center offers the ultimate in convenience.

Whether you’re interested in the residential or commercial possibilities of the Village Center, please contact us today to receive more information!
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