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Most smart and intelligent animals in the world

Number 10 Ants

Number ten and being a small member of animal kingdom and don’t have larger

brain the complex society and the communication system followed by the

ants are very tricky and fascinating for every human on earth there are 1.5

million ants in 12,000 species and evolved in the era when the dinosaurs

roaming on earth intelligent habits of ants and started forming 50 million

years before humans they cultivate fungus in leaves and then eat them

the trick is collectively known as fungus farming ants formed well plant

colonies that have thousands of miles in length have different sections for

farming collecting foods and for gathering each ant colonies have a

unique chemical identity through which they recognize the strangers ants are

traveled by following the pheromone chemicals laid by the Scout and who in

charge of finding the food it is interesting to say that each ant will

lay trails for the following ants some special species of ants will enslave

other species to build their own mass colonies and can carry objects 50 times

greater than their body because they have with thick muscles in proportion to

body size.

Number 9 Crow

Crows are one of the largely populated bird species in the

world being unafraid of humans presence and with the baffling inborn

intelligence they are smart enough to make trouble over humans the Trixie that

used by crows for finding food and building nest reflects the unnatural

intelligence of the species of bird intelligent habits of crows crows have

the largest brain in the bird species except some special species of parrots

they are intelligent enough to recognize the human faces and to hide their food

from other birds crows are also known for using different tools for their own


crows make closer observation on the human world to find food for example

probes used to drop the nuts in traffic lines to break the husks to get food

they also know how to break nuts by dropping on rough surfaces crows used

different tools like stones and pebbles to attack predators in the world of birds.

Number 8 otters

otters are the smallest marine mammal in the animal

world they are one of playful animals used to live in the bank of rivers and

oceans Shores sea otters use tools like rocks to find food to remove unwanted

parts of fish and crabs sea otters can smartly sense the presence of predators

by catching the difference in vibrations of water the child’s actions of sea

otter itself reflects its intelligence will dance and make sliding at the band of rivers and in mud.

Number 7 Pig

pigs are on the most extremely intelligent playful and social animal in

the animal kingdom according to the studies pigs have more cognitive power

than dogs and human babies intelligent habits of pigs pigs followed the

fascinating social life they walk together eat together play together and

they sleep very close to each other pigs uses 20 different types of

vocalizations to communicate each other even a newborn pig can understand what

this sound actually meant produces by its mother extremely clean animal good

seems to keep the toilet area far away from home they can praise the home even

from far away distance while pigs used to create an area for growing new plants

also plays an important role in the transportation of seeds

Number 6 Octopus

Octopus is our most intelligent and sentient creatures among the

invertebrates the tricks they used for sensing and the presence of enemies and

finding show the intelligent power of octopuses intelligent habits of octopus

the only creatures in invertebrates to use tools baby octopus easily learnt the

habits from other octopus octopus released a black ink type fluid at the

time it’s discovered by others have ability to dull the sense of snow the

octopus have ability to change the shape of the body in many ways to avoid

predators octopus used to make shield over the layer using different types of shells.

Number 5 Dogs

dogs are extremely social animal and the Erebus companion of human and average

dog is intelligent as a two-year-old human baby they have an excellent sense

of smell projecting power learning ability from the human world intelligent

habits of dogs dogs have a better understanding of human world than any

other animals faster learning ability from surroundings have a high degree of

understanding can locate the home from distant places their brain can identify

million types of scents ability to respond to commands from their owners.

Number 4 whales

In case of intelligence in number of foil species are more like dolphins but

being very large in size it becomes a very difficult task to train these

whales at the same time the social behavior communication techniques and

limitation powers chose by whales make them as one of intelligent animals

intelligent habits of whales sperm whales have larger brains than any other

living things cognitive abilities through the presence of spindle cells

within the brain whales communicate each other by producing complex vocal stones

they are extremely social tribal and hunting groups the beluga will show the

ability to mimic human speech.

Number 3 elephant

elephants have the largest brain than any other land animals elephant show

extreme social and intelligent behaviors elephants are also one of the faithful

companions of humans intelligent habits of elephants extremely social animal can

easily learn from surroundings elephants can recognize hundreds of

individual sounds elephant shows a range of emotions like joy playfulness and

sorrow can mimic a wide range of sounds the power to use different tools for

finding food.

Number 3 dolphin

But your dolphin dolphins are the world’s Second most intelligent

animal in the world humans make use of intelligence of dolphins for solving

many of the mysteries across world oceans dolphins brain are big relative

to its body size they can express different types of emotions better

learning capability from the surroundings at resting time only one

side of the dolphins being sleeps help to aware about the threats dolphins are

the only marine animal that passes the mirror test.

Number one great ape

apes are the second most intelligent living organism in the world after humans according to many

scientific theories humans were evolved from the Apes family apes follow extreme social life and expressed different types of emotions the family of F’s includes chimpanzees orangutans gorillas

and bonobos intelligent habits of great apes great communication power ability

to learn from surroundings make their own home also use different tools for

finding food the DNA of gorillas shows similarities with humans Apes can

understand individuality and can learn words even human language defense enemies by using tools.

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