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These are the most bizarre things you can find on Google Earth, from a monstrous sea creature and a musical forest.

Number 10.Badlands Guardian (Alberta, Canada).

This unusual formation, also known as Woman’s Head and Indian Head is found in the United States.

Alberta, Canada.

Badlands Guardian was named for its view from the sky.

It looks like a head covered with an Indigenous headdress.


This formation, despite its human-like appearance, was not carved by humans.

It was formed by erosion by wind and water and serves as a drainage point.

The soil is rich in clay and soft, which allows for the region’s powerful rain showers to fall.

To shape the land.

The Badlands Guardian isn’t convex, which might surprise you.

Concave is a strange-looking occurrence.

Number 9.Coca Cola, Arica, Chile

Coca Cola may be the most loved soda in the entire world.

It’s hard to resist the caramel color and classic taste.

This logo was created in the Chilean desert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company.

It is made from 70,000 empty Coca Cola bottles.

You might think it was made to be viewed via the internet, but it is not true.

Satellite images, such as Google Earth, show that it was created in 1986.

These tools were made publicly available.

This huge sign broke the Guinness World Record for “largest Coca Cola logo”

Number 8. Guitar Forest, Cordoba, Argentina

Google Earth has many intricately designed designs.

One of the most striking is a Cordoba, Argentina guitar-shaped forest.

This “forest” was actually created by a man in memory of his wife.

Pedro Martin Ureta, the husband, laughed when his wife suggested planting.

A field that is this size would create a shape people can see from the air.

He eventually agreed to it.

Pedro was devastated when she unexpectedly died shortly after conjuring up the idea.

Not only was she not there, but he also never got to honor her request.

He decided to fulfill his late lover’s wishes and planted the field.

Because his wife was a music lover, he chose to make the guitar shape.

Pedro planted more than 7,000 trees, and it took him years to finish the project.

People all over the world can now enjoy this beautiful field.

Number 7.Potash Ponds in Utah

This area is strikingly different from the red rocks of Utah.

Google Earth might appear to be showing these ponds as a technical glitch at first glance.

These formations serve as evaporation pools for the Moab Potash Mine.

Although the Potash Ponds look beautiful, they also have a dark past.

The underground mine was opened as an underground mine in 1963, and the plant was built in the 1960s.

25 miners were trapped in the pit by a horrible accident. Only seven of them survived.

The system was modified to correct the problems that led to these deaths.

Implementing solution mining and solar evaporation.

Today, water is pumped from the Colorado River to the mine. This dissolves the potash.

After it has been dissolved, the solution can be injected into the evaporation tanks to extract the minerals.

You can easily collect them.

Number 6.Kraken Near Deception Island

Google Earth’s strangest thing is something that has been doubted.

For centuries.

An enormous creature is found just southwest of Deception Island, Antarctic coast.

Many believe that this Kraken is real.

You can see the beast’s length using the Google ruler tool.


The Kraken, a mythical sea monster from Nordic folklore, is what you don’t know.

This can cause havoc for sailors.

Many believe the mystery started after giant squids first were spotted.

It’s not surprising, considering these cephalopods can reach up to 50 feet in length, that they are so popular.

People would be afraid at first sight.

Number 5.Shipwreck Basrah, Iraq

Zooming in to this Google Earth site will only scratch the surface.

This is a very serious problem in this area of Iraq.

The shipwreck in the Shatt al-Arab river is quite shocking, as half of it is a result.

The boat is still in the water.

This is just one of many wrecks that you will find in the river.

You can also see another wreckage site further north.

The entire vessel can be seen.

Further down you will see a collection of ships still standing, but they look quite different.

They are extremely chaotic, and you have to wonder if they were abandoned.

Despite the confusing number of vessels, their impact on the environment is significant.

This is a matter of greater concern.

Many of these vessels are thought to be oil tankers. This could pose a threat to marine life.

They have a negative impact on the fisheries.

Number 4.Ayers Rock in Australia

Ayers Rock, Australia is another oddly-looking Google Earth site.

It is also known as Uluru, and it is made from sandstone.

Alice Springs is the closest city to this natural formation.

Ayers Rock is not only beautiful, but it is also important for the native people.

Living in the area

It has a few origin stories.

One suggestion is that the land was once featureless, but after beings, it became habitable for plants.

It was created by animals and people.

Another legend states that Ayers Rock was created by two boys who loved playing in the mud.

After a heavy rainstorm.

Another story suggests that the landmass was formed by “serpent entities” who were at war

Around the area.

Last but not least, there is a story about two ancestral-spirit communities that were distracted

By “beautiful Sleepy Lizard Women”, on their way to a feast.

The apparitions did not arrive, so the hosts yelled “sang evil” into the sculpture.

A living dingo was born out of the mud.

The Earth was elevated after the fighting between the tribes and the meeting of their leaders.

Ayers Rock was born out of grief.

If the history isn’t strange enough, then take a look at the surreal structure.

to make you wonder if Uluru is really real.

Number 3.Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming

You’ll be captivated by this vibrant formation, and it will make you wonder why it’s so popular.

Google Earth

This spring is certain to be a success with its bright orange ring and turquoise blue-green interior.

To catch everyone’s attention – especially when compared to the surrounding grayish white rock.

The Grand Prismatic Spring, located in Yellowstone National Park, is one of the most coveted springs in America.

Several hot springs.

It is the third largest in the world.

This spring’s name is derived from its rainbow-effect creation.

By white light through a prism

The Grand Prismatic Spring colors result from mineral-filled water.

It can be used as a mat and even has different hues depending on the season, such as red or dark green.

Even though you wouldn’t like to drink this hot water, it is technically possible.

Could without getting sick.

The water in the spring is extremely hot, making it sterile.

Number 2.UTA Flight 772 Site, Niger

You might be able to see the Sahara Desert from this point.

A huge stencil was created of an airplane.

The truth is that this site is quite sad.

UTA Flight 772 was an International Passenger Flight that flew from Brazzaville to Brazzaville.

The People’s Republic of the Congo to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

A terrible turn of events saw an explosive explode in the cargo area.

The plane was blown apart by the blast over the Sahara, Niger near Bilma. Debris

The debris from the flight spread over hundreds of miles and no one survived.

This includes 14 crew members as well as 156 passengers.

The location you see now was built in 2007 in memory of those who lost their lives.

As well as their families.

It is located just six miles from the actual location of the plane.

The sacredness of the site is yours to preserve

Number 1.Hippos, Katavi National Park, Tanzania

Are you ever tempted to go on a safari but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home?

If you answered “yes”, then you are in luck.

Google Earth is an amazing tool to use to view some of the most fascinating places in the world.


It’s also an easy way to see wildlife if you want to escape from work.

For a few moments.

One spot in the Katavi National Park, Tanzania, stands out from all the rest.

The blue-green vegetation.

Zoom in on a section along the Ikuu River to see a herd hippos.

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool.

These giants are not often seen.

They may also be a little heavy at 2,800 to over 7,500 pounds.

These monstrous creatures can be seen from high up in the air.

This could still be a good way to meet a few hippos.

They can be extremely aggressive and can travel up to 19 miles an hour for small amounts of food


You should maintain your distance in real life but you can still study these guys.

Google Earth allows you to stay as long as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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