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Are aliens real?

Let’s take a look at Historical Signs That Aliens Use, from strange paintings to bizarre skulls.

It really does exist

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Number 9: Sego Canyon Cave Paintings

Cave paintings from Sego Canyon, Utah date back to 5000 B.C. clearly portray alien life

Forms with exaggerated eyes and futuristic technology.

These traits are consistent across continents and can be seen everywhere.

They are also known as “Grey Aliens”.

These figures were painted by Anasazi Native American artists and passed on to their descendants.

Who lived in the land?

These figures are also known by their oral traditions as the “Star People”.

These life forms are believed to have come to Earth to bring order, knowledge, and life to the planet.

To the World.

The aliens are closely linked to the gods that the Anasazi worshipped (sunn, fire, serpents).

These paintings contain information.

It seems aliens brought the snake to people. Fire seems to be the result.

Their spacecraft emitting radiation.

Oral tradition has even told us that Star People interbred with Natives.

Americans have the ability to understand language and the written word, thanks to their American heritage.

The Anasazi’s strangest evidence is, however, the Aztec Ruins and the Solomon Ruins.

Chaco Canyon, Casas Grandes and Casas Grandes are perfectly aligned at the meridian number of 108.

These settlements span more than 600km and are located on the perfect lateral line

The earth.

For such an ancient civilization, this level of precision, coordination, execution, is unimaginable

Without help, civilization would not exist

Number 8 K’inich Janaab, the Mayan Astronaut K’inich Pakal was the Mayan ruler over the Palenque between 615 and 683 AD.

Palenque was a city of advanced technology during his long-lasting reign.

Art, architecture, wealth.

It is possible that the sudden surge in growth and great fortune in the city was caused by

Otherworldly friends

Several shocking discoveries were made by archeologists when they discovered the tomb.

It was very unusual for Mayans to build pyramids, as Egyptians did.

Even though they would not have known each other existed, they did.

The most surprising realization came from the lid of the grave.

Pakal can be seen sitting on the “Monster of the Sun”, tilted back in the same way that modern astronauts are.

Space travel is necessary to prevent fainting from G-force.

It looks as though he is ascending into space aboard a rocket ship that he controls with his control.

Hands and feet

If you look at the language of the Mayan, “Monster of the Sun”, will be apparent.

This seems to be their best way to communicate what a craft capable flying would look like.

The “Monster” refers to the vessel’s size, while the “of the Sun”, describes the vessel’s color.

The fire is trying to propel itself from the bottom.

Here’s the best part: There were no signs of theft, damage or vandalism.

The tomb did not contain Pakal’s body.

He may have left the earth to be with his advanced friends.

How can you throw an alien party?


Space Battle Over Medieval Nuremberg Number 7 A broadsheet is a newspaper in the medieval woodcut style.

Published April 14, 1561. It describes the events that shocked eyewitnesses witnessed 10 days before.

The article shows strange flying objects that leave vapor trails engaged in combat and hurling

“Spears” are one another.

There were hundreds of triangle-shaped speedters, flying crosses, triangular speedsters, and crescent crafts.

Although the citizens were not present, they were seen fighting with what can only have been described as torpedoes and missiles.

These things would be too difficult to describe for Nuremberg.

A large triangular black object of unknown size was found outside the city.

People of the town were deeply religious and believed that they were witnessing a battle between two sides.

Angels and demons.

Some speculate that this is a result of the “spiritual world”, where people are able to see beyond their physical bodies.

We were witnessing future wars through a seam in the dimensions.

Despite this, “Disc-shaped objects”, however, appear to have the exact same recognizable dimensions

These are just a few of the UFO craft that have been documented and seen throughout history.

What are aliens most drawn to reading?

Comet books!

Number 6 Aliens from the Australian Aborigine Australian primitive drawings dating back to five thousand years show giant alien-like figures that appear to have the same eyes as Mayans.

It appears that they are wearing space suits or helmets; thread seams are also evident.

The technology was not available in that era, but it is visible in the paintings.

Surprisingly, all aboriginal cultures are “Wondjina”, even though they were spread

They are so far apart that it is unlikely they will ever cross paths.

The Wondjina are spirits believed to visit you in dreams.

They were one with all the elements that come from the, including rain, clouds, thunder, rainbows, and rain.


They were known to have visited dreams in order to become human beings.

The wombs and genitals of women are a common theme in stories about alien and human inbreeding.

Number 5: The Nazca Lines

These patterns are often used to represent nature on Earth (cacti and monkeys, whales or flowers).

These are found primarily in Peru’s Nazcian territory.

The lines also show a humanoid character known as “The Astronaut”, which once again harkens back to the past.

To the beings called gray aliens.

These lines can also be used to create “unidentifiable depictions”.

They have been studied for over 100 years but no one knows their origin or reason.

For the Nazca lines.

They are believed to have been created by the Nazca around 100 AD.

Stonehenge is an example of how primitive people can accomplish such amazing feats.

These lines could have been used as an irrigation system or as a plea for the good of the gods.


They could be signs of an alien invasion or an invitation to return to Peru. Even

If they were to return, where would they park the spaceship?

A parking meteor.

Number 4 Puma Punku These stones are precision-cut and have perfect angles, allowing them to interlock.

This is not unusual for a modern carpenter.

Problem is, the technology required to do this was not available until 14,000 years ago.

After the construction of the Puma Punku.

This is something that no scientist or archeologist has ever been able to prove.

Maybe the inhuman heads that have been sculpted into these perfectly geometrical structures are a clue.

There are a few amazing parallels in the Puma Punku legend that may suggest

Aliens have been implicated in ancient civilizations across the globe.

The first is stories about creation that involve the creation of man.

Floods can cause its destruction.

This story is also found in Sumerian tales from Annunaki and the Old Testament.

This is why the three different populations wouldn’t have known each other.

Their stories are similar enough to suggest that they were dictating the original story.

A second unique dish, Fuente Magna, was discovered in the area. It is Sumerian-written.

This is a remarkable feat, as the two civilizations are 5,000 miles apart.

Both sides did not have the technology to cross oceans to share information.

This suggests that aliens may have visited humans and given them the technology.

Written words are one example.

What did the alien tell the gardener?

I’m your weeder!

Number 3 Stonehenge, The Pyramids Stonehenge, and The Pyramids are two of the most famous wonders in the world. It is not possible to explain how they were built, but this suggests alien involvement.

The world’s most famous pyramids are the Egyptian Pyramids. They were built around 2500 B.C.

architectural achievements.

Historians believe that simple pulley systems and slave labor were responsible for a large amount of historical evidence.

It can be used to construct, but no one is 100% certain.

It appears that hieroglyphics from ancient times were carved into rocks.

The idea that aliens gave language to ancient civilizations on Mars is further supported by the fact that there are also a few other Mars locations.

Stonehenge is a stone circle located in England. It’s even stranger.

Building momentum, at least for the Pyramids is happening as you create steps for

You can place the next stone.

Stonehenge does not explain how these 100-ton rocks were lifted.

And placed at an unnatural height on top of each other.

Since Stonehenge’s discovery, theories surrounding aliens have been circulating about Stonehenge’s mystery.

The most common belief is that it was used as a landing pad for UFOs.

It is one of the oldest mysteries in the world, but it has never been solved.

cannot be explained by humans.

Number 2: The Ancient Vijayanagara Vastu Architecture

Vijayanagara is an excellent example.

It is still not clear how an ancient civilization could build buildings.

This is a lot of precision.

Specific design guidelines are provided in Hindu texts for the construction of temples by Hindu gods.

The Vastu Sashtra is also known. It may still be a blueprint passed down by aliens.

They are made in the vain Vimana, a mythical flying castle that appears oddly.

like a saucer.

Huh? I wonder how they came up with that idea.

Some believe that the Indian gods are aliens.

They were visited by new technology, and in turn were worshipped as deities.

Number 1: The Paracas Skulls Julio Tello, an archaeologist from Peru, discovered several humanoid bones with long heads in 1928.

The skull’s shape is a mutation that may be used to identify a new species.

It is far from Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals as well as Denisovans.

Brien Foerster, a researcher, was quoted saying that she saw the skulls and said, “I’m not sure it will.”

Even fit into the existing evolutionary tree.”

Skeptics suggest that the skulls could be caused by cranial deformation, which is a South American practice.


If that is true, then the world has not seen an instance of such severeness before.

However, DNA testing has shown that these individuals were not Native Americans.

These skulls could be aliens, but it’s possible that they are crossbreeds of alien and human life.

You may be wondering why Mickey Mouse went into space. He was searching for Pluto.

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